Written translation

It is the art of taking a source text in one language and rendering it into a translated text in another language. House of Translation USA offers an extremely high standard in terms of accuracy, style and meeting  deadlines.

Whether it is a legal translation for your contracts and certificates or creative translation for your company's brochures and publications, House of Translation USA is able to handle any type of document in an accurate and professional manner. 

Our Services

Telephone interpretation

Telephone Interpreters play the role of conduit between your client and the English speaking customer , so no confusion or misunderstanding is encountered during the term of the telephone conversation.

Telephone Interpreter listens carefully to your customer and make sure that he understands the exact message he wants to convey , then interpret it professionally at the language of the limited English speaking person, so by the end of the conversation both parties will feel comfortable and confident that their messages were delivered accurately.


Do you have important audio files ? why not make them available in an easy to access text format for distribution,indexing or archival purposes?

By transferring the audio or video information into text format , it will make it much easier to be used in a variety of other applications and to share it with other departments, transcription will allow also more durable archival storage of your audio and video materials in an efficient way.

consecutive translation

Consecutive translation can be used for different kinds of negotiation and corporate events , in addition to courts' hearings, medical appointments , lawyers' consultations, etc.

Consecutive translator accompanies the client from the beginning till the end of his meeting or appointment and make sure that all the information are conveyed in a professional manner that makes the client feels comfortable and confident that he didn't miss any part of the conversation.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Do you have a conference , seminar , training course with audience from different countries who speak different languages ? don't worry , have the advantage of all your audience receiving the same information at  the same time.

In Simultaneous Interpretation , the interpreter will be able to transform the speech from one language to another in real time so your audience won't miss anything.

website localization

Do you want to generate business from markets overseas ? Do you want to approach your international clients or your local clients who speak different languages in their native language?

Website localization is considered to be one of the most important marketing tools in today's world . Many companies had doubled their business just because they approached their clients in their native language.House of Translation USA will help breaking the communication gap between you and your clients with a click of a button.